JetFest 2016

JetFest is returning to Northhampton beach campgrounds and sport island pub

You can get your tickets for this event here!
Jetfest Tickets

Region 8 Jetski Racing

IJSBA sanction PWC Racing events in the northeast

Ownership of the region 8 racing series has been transferred to East Coast Watercross. All scheduling and event information can be found on their website at

The NEWA will continue to promote JetFest and other PWC related events.

It’s more than just racing..

The NEWA is a community, and for some a family

What started out as a close knit group of friends has spawned into so much more. We welcome and encourage all new racers or free riders to attend an event and talk with the participants. We’re all here to welcome you to our family.

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Racer Profiles

Check out our racers by class or manufacturer

We’re glad to announce that for the 2015 season we’ll be developing racer profiles for all racers who wish to be represented on the NEWA website. List your sponsors, who you ride for, represent your hometown and show your friends!

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the new NEWA website!

We’re proud to announce that with all of the big changes coming for 2015, a new website has also been launched. In time this website will become home base for all things region 8 racing including pre-registration, points standings, racer profiles, event dates and logistics, along with a variety of other things including a swag shop and galleries where racers and event attendees can find pictures of themselves or their friends and family.

As with anything there will be some growing pains, so bear with us as we work out all of the bugs.

-NEWA productions team

Racing in 2015

The 2015 racing schedule has been announced! After careful consideration and evaluation of all of the potential venues the NEWA team has decided on what we think are the three best. We hope you’ll come out and see first hand why we think that these three venues are perfect for PWC racing in Region 8.

Click here to view the schedule


Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Northeast Watercraft Alliance (NEWA) web site. The NEWA is a PWC advocacy organization staffed by watercraft riders and racers; our goal is to provide opportunities for members of the PWC community to increase their enjoyment of the sport. We fulfill that goal through the development and execution of competitive events, educational programs, and social gatherings, aimed to enhance the PWC experience.


The NEWA is committed to the development and execution of local grassroots racing events, that harken to the sport’s greatness in the “old days”. Since the sport’s explosion in the 1980’s and 90‘s, there have been myriad changes both in the PWC enthusiast demographic and the manufacturing market as a whole. Watercraft racing, or “Hydrocross” has had to keep pace with these changes. There exists a passion, in the hearts of die hard, old school and new school PWC racers alike, to pit their skills against one another on the closed course. Our answer is the WetWerX Region 8 Closed Course Series! More information can be found on the Racing page.

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